Frederick Maryland’s Stone Home Renovation Specialists

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Irvine Construction is extremely proud of the reputation we have built throughout Maryland over the last 35 years in the business. We are fortunate to have a team of true professionals that are all at the “top of their game”.  One such company, that we have had the opportunity to work with on many stone home renovation projects is Artistic Masonry Contractors, Inc. based in Downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Byron Hawkins, the owner of Artistic Masonry Contractors, recently left the following Google Review of James R. Irvine Construction:

“The team of Artistic Masonry Contractors, Inc. will continue to jump at the chance to work with James R. Irvine Construction. Time and time again, Jim’s expertise shows through. First and foremost, he demonstrates mutual respect to both his client’s needs as well as the various craftsmen and contract specialists he engages. Personally, his professionalism and approachability is why I continue to work with his company. Jim is a pro, for sure. He is consistent, and on schedule. The design/build process Irvine Construction follows, from draft design and initial walk-through meeting to his finished plans and final alteration is quality driven. He communicates extremely well, allows me input, and will forecast areas in need of special attention or caution. Jim is fair and fulfills his obligations promptly. He looks to my 35 years of masonry expertise as counsel when needed and directs new options as his various clients’ desire. Historic masonry restoration is my specialty, I am proud of the finished work Artistic Masonry Contractors, Inc. provides for James R. Irvine Construction. Similarly, I am proud of our professional working relationship. I look forward to our next quality build/ Historic masonry restoration project with James Irvine as I respect his company as a “contractor’s contractor.”


Thank you, Byron! The feeling is very mutual. Artistic Masonry Contractors is, without question, a good fit for the meticulous work needed for the historic renovation and restoration work that we enjoy performing.

Here are a few photos of completed stone home renovations in Frederick Maryland that we completed together:

If you are restoring or renovating a stone home in or around Frederick County, Maryland, James R Irvine Construction would he honored to offer our services. With experienced specialists like Artistic Masonry Contractors on our team you will not find a more experienced, passionate or perfectionistic team of stone home restorations professional in Maryland!

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