Bedroom Additions

Your growing family is a blessing. But cramped, shared rooms? Not so much. 

If you need more living space, consider a bedroom addition project, provided by Irvine Construction

We offer expert home additions and remodeling services across Maryland and Pennsylvania. Established in 1985, our dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service has kept us around for nearly 40 years. 

We offer a unique combination process of both designing and building. This means your entire project is completed under the same roof, from start to finish. 

Our talented designers get to know your needs, your budget, and your vision. They will help you realize your ideas in the best way possible. Then, our team of experienced builders gets to work, using only the highest-quality products. We work carefully, efficiently, and best of all, affordably. 

Do you dream of a grand master suite? Or a brand new nursery for your little one? Or maybe an extra space for guests and in-laws? Whatever you have in mind, Irvine Construction can get it done.

To learn more or set up a no-cost initial consultation for your bathroom addition project, call James R. Irvine Construction, Inc., at (301) 271-3272.