Commercial Building Renovations & Adaptive Reuse in Maryland

James R. Irvine Construction Company in Maryland has experience with remodeling, renovation, client tenant fit out and adaptive reuse to commercial building projects since 1985.

Commercial Renovation Consultation

To learn more or set up a no cost initial consultation for your commercial renovation, tenant work or adaptive reuse project call James R. Irvine Construction Inc. at (301) 271-3272. We serve Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and more!

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1. Historic Masonry Warehouse. Location: Frederick, Maryland

A renovation and transformation of a historic Frederick City masonry warehouse into an Antique business and a space for contemporary living. The exterior was retained by adding a skeleton of structural steel work to the interior to restore the integrity of the walls without effecting an aesthetic change to the exterior, as required by the local Historical Society. A second floor was added along with a total interior adaptive reuse into a residence. This project was featured in the Washington Post newspaper “Home Section” and the “Frederick” magazines. (A local publication of general interest).

2. Historic Church Renovation. Location: Frederick, Maryland

Contract work consisted of installing air conditioning to a Church complex, beginning with the large sanctuary, without affecting the aesthetics and historic nature of the church. The construction means and methods solution was to scaffold the entire area and demolish all necessary existing structural work and finishes such as mill work, plastering, and masonry. After installation of the mechanical systems, all features were reproduced to the exact original conditions in order for the completed work to appear as if nothing had been disturbed.

3. Bed and Breakfast Inn renovation. Location: Buckeystown Maryland

Exterior renovation of a historic 1897 Inn. Extensive repair to framework, roof, siding, cornice, columns, moldings, shutters and porches with all original features and millwork reproduced to original profiles. All detail work painted to original color palette scheme.