Home Renovation using the Design-Build Process

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Have you struggled with the dilemma of improving your existing home vs. moving because the property does no longer satisfy your “wish list”?  Then the Design-Build renovation process may be a solution. The Design/Build delivery system offers design flexibility, communication continuity, construction expertise, owner involvement, and cost-effective savings.

The Initial Design and Build Contractor Meeting

To begin the Design and Build process an initial meeting is necessary to discuss your project details and the budget.  Contractors who specialize in design/build have the expertise in architecture, construction and structural engineering.  Their professional experience provides an understanding with regard to pricing, project sequencing and all possible obstacles.

The Design Phase Begins

After the initial consultation, we will prepare the Design Phase Agreement, which provides for inspecting the building site, exploring existing conditions, taking photographs and measurements of the property.  A set of design drawings and project specifications detailing product, material and scope of work descriptions are the prepared. During this phase of design, a final proposal and construction contract is compiled with actual fixed project costs.

The Build Phase

Once all documents and costs are accepted, we then proceed with the obtaining permits, engineering reviews and developing a project schedule.  Throughout the project, regular progress meetings will occur to keep facilitate communication.

A design and build project allows you to be involved throughout the entire construction process and the results are extremely rewarding.  The satisfaction and the lasting sense of pride you will feel is priceless.

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We provide design and build services for the following areas in Maryland:  Washington County, Frederick County, Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore County. In Pennsylvania, we service Adams County and Franklin County.  Contact Irvine Construction to schedule your consultation.


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