Maryland Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the Irvine Construction contact person throughout our remodeling, contracting, renovation, or build project?

  • You will be communicating directly with the owner, James Irvine, from the initial contact, through the design phase, during the construction process and after completion for service.

Are all Irvine Construction general contractors licensed and insured in Maryland?

  • James R. Irvine Construction is fully licensed by the state of Maryland (MHIC 25379)
  • The company and all associates carry both general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Is Irvine Construction company a member of the Better Business Bureau in Maryland?

  • Yes, through the Baltimore office serving greater Maryland. You can view our A+ BBB Business Review here.

Will you provide references for your home remodeling and construction work?

  • At our initial consultation I can provide references of previous design / build and remodeling projects that are both close to your location in Maryland and are similar in size and scope of work.
  • Please visit our Google page to view reviews left by past clients: Google Reviews

May we see previous projects in Maryland?

  • Yes, a site visit can be arranged with the owners of competed construction projects in Maryland to see our work and chat with previous clients.

How long will the design / build construction process take?

  • Typically the design phase duration can be between two and three months.
  • To procure the permits for construction, we allow about one month.
  • The construction and build duration of the process is determined by size and complexity, but most projects need 4 to 6 months completion time.
  • At our initial consult we can determine the time needed for your project.

For home additions or home renovations in Maryland, will we need to move out of our home and how will it be protected during construction?

  • In most cases it is not necessary to move out of your home unless we are performing a complete home remodeling.
  • We will provide dust barriers and temporary walls to isolate your home from the work.

How do we make the home product selections?

  • After discussing the details of your project and using your input, I will provide you with a list of all items that need to be selected along with a recommended cost allowance.
  • You will then be provided with our supplier contact information along with an associate at each supplier to assist with your selections.
  • This includes items such as: plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor coverings, cabinetry, countertops, windows doors and any other items we specify.

How long has Irvine Construction company been in business in Maryland?

  • Since 1985, with design / build, home remodeling & addition, and historic renovation projects completed in 5 central Maryland counties and in several areas of southern Pennsylvania. We are a highly experienced general contracting company in Maryland.

What methods of contract construction work do you do in Maryland?

  • Design / Build: Our preferred method whereby the construction project design, scope of work and specifications are tailored to meet specific budget requirements. We will provide architectural and/or engineering services as needed to work with Irvine Construction and the client using a team concept. For an in-depth discussion of the process please visit: Case Studies
  • Cost / Plus: A method that has no fixed contract price with the possible exception of a not to exceed ceiling price. This procedure is best used in a situation where there are numerous unknown conditions that can effect the work throughout the construction process.
  • Competitive Bid: The most popular and well known method of contract construction work. We will provide limited bid proposals in a prequalified situation. In most cases, to provide a competitive bid proposal, professional quality plans and specifications will be required.
  • Negotiated Contracts: Usually a hybrid or combination of methods whereby the final construction documents and scope of work is modified because of budget restrictions. These contracts may combine others and include some Cost / plus work for unknown conditions and fixed pricing for a clearly defined scope of work.
  • Regardless of the method desired, we will provide a no cost initial consultation to discuss your project.

What does the term “design budget” mean and how is it determined?

  • When we meet at our initial consultation, we will review the scope of work (wish list) that you are considering.
  • The work will be evaluated with the construction budget that you have allowed for.
  • Your project is then compared to others of a similar size and complexity that we have recently completed to arrive at what a realistic and feasible project design budget would be.
  • The design budget is expressed as and represents a range of likely project costs.
  • The costs are not an estimate to perform contract work, but rather the probable costs that become our guide during the design phase to prevent the project from exceeding both your budget and expectations.
  • Most importantly, the design budget allows us to proceed to the design phase with the confidence that budgets are adequate for the scope of work.

What is included in the design phase of construction and do you have examples of previous work?

  • We can show you full size drawings to demonstrate how the process works at our initial consultation.
  • You can view samples on our web site at this link: Sample design phase drawings