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There are times when a client may fall in love with a historic home in Maryland that meets many of their personal needs.  It may be location, neighborhood, or architectural features.  Before making a purchase such as this, they consult Irvine Construction to assist with the analysis, remodeling, and renovation of their historic older home.  The typical steps followed in this situation are as follows:

Contact Irvine Construction Before Purchasing Historic Home:

This client had decided to purchase an older home in an established neighborhood that would be close to their work. They intend to update the home they purchase with some modern conveniences by adding an addition. Both are professionals and want to retain their short commute and have found several homes that they are interested in. They have contacted James R. Irvine Construction to look at the potential homes and advise them as to the existing conditions and which property would be the most cost-effective to remodel.

Proceed with Historic Home Purchase:

After examining the properties and making some preliminary concept drawings of possible remodeling scenarios, they make their final decision and purchase one of the homes.

Prepare Design and Build Contract for Home:

A Design / Build contract is will design the additions and renovations. We prepare several design solutions that show various degrees of new work and also how we might remodel the existing space. All schemes indicate and outline the actual construction cost.

Make Final Design Decisions:

A decision is made to use a combination of newly constructed and remodeled space. The design is refined and the final construction drawings are prepared along with complete specifications and the contract for construction.

Final Contract Acceptance for Historic Home Remodeling and Renovation:

At the acceptance of the construction contract, permits are applied for and the demolition and construction phase begins.

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