Home Remodeling Contractors in Southern Pennsylvania

Specializing in Historic Renovations, Restoration, & Additions

James R. Irvine Construction company, based out of Maryland, specializes in contracting work exclusively for custom-designed residential remodeling, historic restoration, and light commercial projects

Since 1985, our company has been the premier provider for high-quality contracting work in Maryland, which has allowed our business to expand to cater to Southern Pennsylvania, too! 

General Contractor Work in Southern Pennsylvania

If you’re considering any home renovations, remodeling, or additions, look no farther than James R. Irvine Construction for your contracting needs. 

All of our projects begin with an initial consultation and then, as we work on the design, building, and completion of the project, we continue to work closely with the client ensuring perfection. 

To hear about our business from our clients’ perspectives, check out our client testimonials!

Historic Restoration Contracting in Southern Pennsylvania

Our company specializes in authentic restoration and renovation for historic homes and buildings. 

We have over 35 years of experience working on historic homes in central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. From this work, we’ve developed a keen sense for small details that help preserve historic integrity. 

You can browse our portfolio of our prior historic renovations and contact James R. Irvine Construction to schedule a consultation for your own historic project. 

Featured Southern Pennsylvania Construction Project: 

This project was a total reconstruction of a stone farmhouse circa 1816. 

As you can see, the home was in major disrepair at the start of the project. The first step for the renovation was to study the original home, photograph it, and then carefully demolish it. 

It was then rebuilt in the same location using the same stones from the original, with all detail and corner pieces being re-laid in their exact location. 

Then, to preserve authenticity, all millwork, including casing, stairs, balustrade, and mantels, were reproduced using hand tools from the time period. 

The antique flooring and wood ceiling beams were taken from other surrounding structures and recycled for this home. 

The project was so successful it garnered the attention of several magazines. It was also presented as a case study on maintaining and restoring old homes by James R. Irvine Construction to the Frederick County, MD Historical Society. 

Upon the project’s completion, the owners of the home were awarded by the local Pennsylvania Historical Society for completing “The most authentic whole house restoration.”

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