4 Tips for Designing a Home Office When Working From Home With Kids

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Even as the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic recede, many workers are still doing their jobs from home permanently.

If this describes you, you may be considering renovating part of your home into a home office. And, if you’ve got kids at home, taking them into consideration when designing your space is essential.

Here are 4 tips for designing a home office that’s serviceable for you but also welcoming for your kids:

Identify Your Space

Whether it’s a dedicated room with a door that closes, a closet in the playroom, or a space that you can cordon off a bit with some partitions, start by identifying where you’ll locate your workspace.

Start by figuring out your absolute musts in order to get your work done. Some things to keep in mind may include:

  • Wall plugs and internet hookups for your computer
  • A desk or table big enough to allow you to complete your necessary tasks
  • A phone jack for a landline phone
  • The ability to close a door if you will need to be in meetings
  • Space for storing files or other supplies

Your absolute must-haves in order to do your job could mean that you’ll need to relocate your permanent office elsewhere in your house so you have ample space.

And, depending on how old your children are and how large your home is, you may need to ensure that you’re near where your children will be spending their time. So, if they’re in a room separate from your office space, make sure you’re within earshot of their playroom or bedroom so you can hear if they need help.

Create a Space for Your Kids

If your job allows it, and you’ve got enough space in your home office, consider setting up a special space where your kids can be near you while you work.

This may be a whole table for them to complete art projects, a TV and some comfy chairs, or an entire playroom. Carving out a portion of your office for them allows your kids to be close to you and can let you get more uninterrupted work done.

Use Signs or Lights

Taking phone calls and meetings while dealing with interruptions from kids can be stressful. If your kids are old enough to know what it means to not disturb you, try putting up a sign or a light that lets them know, at a glance, whether they can interrupt.

Of course, make sure that they know that all bets are off in an emergency, but a sign that says “In a Meeting” can mean they may wait to ask you for a glass of water until you’re done.

Add Their Personal Touches

Letting your kids choose the wall color or create special art for your home office can get them involved in the process and give them a sense of ownership in the space. While you work with them to choose these pieces, talk with them about how you’re setting up your new home office and you’ll need their help making sure you can get some work done. It may help them think twice before asking you to change the show when they can do it themselves!

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