4 Affordable Home Renovations That Make a Big Statement

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Not all home improvement projects need to involve large-scale changes or lots of money. There are many smaller, less expensive things that can be done to keep your home feeling fresh without breaking the bank. Even a few small changes can give you – and your home – the boost that you need.

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Fresh Paint

A new color and/or some freshly painted walls can quickly transform any room. If you’re craving a big change, choose a bright, bold color to add some new life. Or, give your current color a fresh coat and choose some new decor to add to the walls.

Schedule Cleaning

Though this may seem like sheer common sense, it’s actually a pretty important tip. By setting and sticking to a cleaning schedule, your home will always be company-ready and you won’t have to rush around for the hour before guests are set to arrive scrubbing toilets and picking up clutter.

Built-In Furniture

This is a trend seen by a lot of contractors putting up new construction, but built-in furniture also is crossing into the territory of home renovation. Built-ins create functional storage space without encroaching on floor space. They are a great way to add an old-school feel to even modern homes!

Eco-Friendly Appliances

If it’s been years since you’ve replaced that oven or refrigerator, your appliances probably aren’t functioning at their peak. Check out some more energy-efficient, eco-friendly appliances and save money on energy in the long run. If you’re looking for eco-friendly impact without a massive up-front spend, consider switching out smaller items such as light bulbs, batteries, and fans.

The experienced contractors at James R. Irvine Construction can help you make these, and many other, changes to your home to breathe new life into it without causing you to go broke. Contact us today!

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