5 Renovation Projects That Promote Energy Efficiency

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As everyday energy costs increase, more and more homeowners are turning to renovation projects that promote energy efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to decrease your overall energy bills or you want to do your part to reduce your impact on the planet, many homes can benefit from some renovations that make them more energy efficient.

Here are some of the major benefits of having a more energy-efficient home, if you’re on the fence about it:

  • Increased home value: Buyers are attracted to homes where a conscious effort has been made to be more energy efficient. Upgrades that decrease your energy bills can help your home command a higher price than your neighbors’ who haven’t taken on such projects.
  • Reduce energy costs: Even though upgrades with energy efficiency in mind can be expensive initially, over time the reduction in your energy costs can offset the cost of doing the renovations.
  • Improve comfort: An inefficient home can lead to drafts, extreme temperatures, moisture issues, and even poor indoor air quality. Improving your home’s energy efficiency can help maximize your comfort.
  • Improve performance: When your home’s systems – HVAC, plumbing, and electrical – are well-maintained and given conditions that allow them to properly operate, they’ll last longer, be more reliable, and require fewer repairs.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions: Making your home more energy efficient means you’re leaking less carbon dioxide into the air, helping bring down the overall impact on the environment.
  • Get others on board: If you decide to undertake energy-efficient renovations, your friends and family may follow your example and do some projects of their own!

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home by doing some renovation projects, here are 5 things that will make the biggest impact:

Appliances & Electronics

That old oven may still work, but it’s probably not the most efficient in terms of energy usage.

When choosing new appliances, look for EnergyStar certified products. Selecting the right products, paired with a commitment to decrease your use of things such as your television, can make a decent impact on your overall energy bills.

If you’re unsure which appliances you should replace first, try this Appliance Energy Calculator to see which will make the biggest impact.

Insulation & Air Sealing

One of the best ways to improve your energy usage is to shore up your house so that all the air that’s supposed to be on the inside stays there, and the air on the outside stays out.

Addressing air leaks, the R-values of your insulation, moisture issues, and ventilation can help you decrease your home’s overall energy usage while also improving the comfort of your home.

Heating & Cooling

If you’ve got an older heating and cooling system (and most of us do!), chances are you’re watching a lot of money and energy go out the window.

Replacing your furnace or air conditioner with newer, more efficient models will help decrease your energy use while also bringing your bills down. If you can’t or don’t want to do a full system switch, replacing your thermostats with programmable models and sealing and insulating your ductwork can help you decrease your energy use and costs without the huge initial cost.

Windows, Doors, & Skylights

Just as your heating and cooling systems can cause a lot of energy loss, so can old, poorly sealed windows, doors, and skylights.

If you’re looking for a renovation project that’s really going to make a difference to your home’s climate control and energy usage, swapping out your old exterior fixtures for new ones that are sealed and designed to modern standards can really help.

An additional bonus, especially if you’ve got windows that are looking a little gloomy, is that replacing them can bring more natural light into your home, decreasing your lighting bills.

Renewable Energy Systems

For the most dramatic impact to your energy use and bills, consider installing a renewable energy system to help you at least generate some of your home’s power.

This project likely has the highest initial price tag of all our suggestions, but it’s also the one with the most potential.

Adding solar panels to your roof or backyard, a small wind turbine to your yard, or even a microhydropower system will eventually pay for themselves and can become a huge marketing tool in the event that you sell your house.

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